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Available is six styles for the 2017 season, including several graphics options and carbon fiber & multi-composite fiber shell constructions, the X.G100 features reduced weight and impact resistance as well as aeronautical engineering and top-level sport technology.

The X.G100 Carbon, in particular, features a dark exterior contrasted by chrome trim and metal flake lines, with a deep camel color interior. The 3D interiors are removable, skin friendly with antiallergenic and anti-bacterial properties, and are made with added performance X.MART Dry fabrics that keep the wearer cool and dry.

All the full face helmets are notable for a slim but wide viewing eye port and a beefy chin bar with a single vertical vent. Adding to the retro look, and allowing wearers to customize their helmets, NEXX offers snap-on peaks in three different color options, and six varieties of tinted PC Lexan shields, also attached via snaps.

The open face X.G10 comes in three graphics choices.

X.Garage helmets have been certified by the Belgium lab for road safety, IBSR and meet ECE 22-05 homologation standards. In the US, the helmets fully comply with DOT standards. All NEXX helmets include a warranty issued to the original owner against manufacturing and material defects, valid for a period of two years.

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